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Dr. Eyal Attias Clinics

A private clinics chain for advanced medicine – customized treatments that save lives and improve their quality!

The clinic staff is led by Dr. Eyal Attias, alongside with top-notch specialist doctors and certified teams of nurses and paramedics.

Our clinics are spread throughout the country, along with home care units for both hospitalized and nursing patients.

Our branches

Tirtza 1, Jerusalem
Haim Levanon 1, Netanya
Yunizman 21, Tel Aviv
Hagdud Hashlishi, Zefat

Dr. Eyal Attias

Dr. Eyal Attias, a specialist surgeon, leads the medical activities and applies the vast knowledge and experience he has accumulated over the years to build the most effective treatment plan for each patient.

Medical and human ethics are what guide us in our work providing innovative, revolutionary medical services with stringent attention to quality, professionalism and compassion.

Providing real hope and a personalized experience to the patient, as well as dedicated support to the patient’s family, are important cornerstones for us.

Even patients in the worst conditions are not incurable and we must not give up on them. In our perspective, any medical condition is treatable, and we can help you as well!

The Oxypro Technology

Our uniqueness is the usage of Oxypro technology, which was developed and perfected by Dr. Attias in the past 30 years.
This technology is based on the use of gaseous mixtures, with Ozone as the main of them. This innovative technology is a key tool in our ability to influence the situation and improve it significantly!

Intelligent and customized use of Oxypro technology allows a significant improvement in therapeutic results and even full healing in a variety of medical situations. “

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